2009 Story

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Sumo's adventures in 2009

The year through the eyes of a dog

Hey, that's fun! There are some bags in the hallway. Normally that means we're going on a holiday somewhere so I need to keep a good eye on things. If we're going somewhere I'm the first to be in the car. God forbid they forget me, I'll make sure I'm the first one in! It's a bit strange though...all the bags are gone but I can't see my Daddy anywhere. Early this morning I saw him, but I was still half asleep and now it's all quiet. Mummy's still here though oh well, that means a short walk around the block! A few days later I'm sort of starting to figure out something's wrong, I can't see my Daddy anywhere anymore. I keep looking at the door but I can't see him at all! A few weeks go past, and I just don't understand a thing, nobody asks or tells me anything!!

Here! After a few weeks there are bags in the hallway again, I've got to watch things closely now! Are we going yet? I'm ready to go!! This time I make sure I'm in first. I'm going with Mummy and we're going to Zeeland, I like that, I've always liked that! I love being in the car and can already smell the sea!!! Look at that..is that my Daddy? Who does he think he is? I'll show him I don't like the kind of stuff he's pulled on me! I'll ignore him from now on, that'll show him. Hmm, is that a trailer? There's a nice big garden to play in so I'll have a go at that first, I'll mess up the hose first, so he knows how I feel!!

Then all of a sudden there's just us two...Mummy's just left and didn't even say goodbye! Oh well, maybe she'll be back in a while so I'll just watch any car that comes by until she does. But no one stops, I just can't figure it out..what's going on? What's the matter? Is it me? I'm getting really stressed out here. My muscles are all taut and everything becomes all hard and bloated. I'm really not feeling very well and I can't even get off the sofa now! Then all of a sudden there's this vet I don't know at all, and who kind of seems worried about me. I can't get up, everything hurts and hell, I didn't even know I had that loud a yelp in me!! It just all got a little too much for me but after an injection of something my muscles relax and I fall asleep. I wish I could talk and explain everything! Is there no doggy psychiatrist here? I'm on the sofa anyway. Isn't it strange? I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't destroy anything or grow at anyone and still I have to live somewhere else. People...they're just like animals sometimes, they just walk upright and have less manners than animals!

The following days I try to make sense of things, somethingís wrong, I miss my girlfriend Rhea and her (and my) mummy and all of my other friends I used to play with as well. Just as I needed my mummy most she abandoned me. How is a dog to understand? Iím hurting inside and I am sad. Thereís just daddy now and slowly we start walking again and he keeps talking to me. Of course, Iím a dog and I have no idea what heís talking about. He talks about sports and the economy, all sorts, canít we just talk about bitches and food? But even though heís trying, my mindís still on the old things, the past. We curl up on the sofa or in bed, just show me the good parts of Zeeland, weíll make things work, tomorrowís another day! I go to bed early most days, it kind of all messed me up. Five years with Rhea and mummy is a big deal, even for a dog it takes some time to get used to this new situation. Some people have the opposite, they donít think about you anymore. No explanation needed! But a dog does care, more than most people think! You donít hear me complaining all the time though! Iím not back to my old self yet, this is completely different to a normal doggy disease. I feel old, could this be penopause? Hello, does anyone even hear me? Am I not clear enough? Is that a grey hair near my ear? Of course Tosas are supposed to have wrinkles but could I please have some Botox? Best to be ahead of all of that, I might get hot flashes!!

Daddy thinks itís best to speed up the healing proces, my condition has deteriorated, so we go and see a lady called Ines Sayers, she lives nearby and and is sort of a dogwhisperer, a homeopath, she knows how to treat animals and she even has a website: www.homeopathievoordieren.info. She comes over to visit me and treats me with Bach flower remedy and two types of Rhus because all that stuff has a affected me greatly. Seems Iím a sensitive dog but I feel a lot better now and the pain is going away. Ines talks to me in a different way and she seems to know what my problem is, more importantly: how to solve the problem! And it works! A few weeks later we visit her for a check up, I havenít forgotten her and Iím grateful for her help. Everytime I look at her, I smile at her, in my own doggy way. All tension leaves me, now and then I still dream about things of the past but when I wake up things are different. Hours, days and even weeks my daddy works with me and slowly but surely things are getting better. Weíre happy we have each other now. Our bond is really getting stronger and stronger.

My food is adjusted as well, dried food disappears and now Iím eating loads of meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and rice. I didnít like the dried food anyway so itís no problem to me. I do still miss mummy and Rhea but anyway, I didnít do anything wrong and daddyís still here for me when I need him. He comforts me and I comfort him. Heís faithful to me and Iím as faithful as a dog to him. Weíll get through it together, despite all the things that go wrong. If I see a car or a rottweiler that is similar to them I check it out but that happens less and less frequently. My hope evaporates over time, Iím getting my stuff together now and lets face it: anyone who doesnít look back at me isnít worth it and doesnít really understand me anyway. Daddy tries to leave me on my own every once in a while but Iím not falling for that anymore. I want to be there with him, all the time, Iím finally recovering. Who could possibly get angry with me? Of course I can draw attention if need be and Iím definitely very happy when daddy or a friend comes in. I can look really dopey, especially if I donít get my way. I do have my charm, even though not everyone would think so.

Anyway, after exploring the island, I kind of like it here. Itís nice and relaxing. Our walks are endless, thereís hardly any traffic, lots of nature, a huge sea and beach. Daddy just knows the right places, he knows exactly where I love to be. Iíll just stand there and throw my nose in the air and Iím really enjoying myself. Of course, hunting sheep never tires, and Iím outdoors all the time, even when itís pissing it down! Walking in the rain and mud keeps being my favourite past time, as long as I can get messy Iím happy. I just get into the sea and Iím clean as a whistle, doesnít do my skin and allergy any harm either! Of course it also flushes the system, if you know what Iím talking about!

Slowly but surely my condition is getting better and slowly but surely weíre starting to do bike rides again and some swimming. Iím getting to know some new people and dogs and by the time summer comes along Iím my old self again. Iím getting relaxed by the surroundings and the attention of the people around me, itís easier for people to approach me and I love to swim and running next to the bike. A few times a week we go to the village nearby and that is a good 8 kilometres there and back. Thatís easy for me now! Trying to catch a fish is a lot harder and having a crab attatched to your nose is no fun either but every once in a while I stick my nose under the water to see whatís going on at the bottom of the sea and then I splutter like a seal! The best time is when we go to the seaside to watch the sun set. The only thing you hear are the birds and the sea, I love it! Iím getting myself back together. I love it when my feet are in the sea, what a dogís life!! Messing with my daddy on the beach, eating a bit of fish here and there.....love it! And didnít we have a great summer this year?

Sometimes we take the bus, train and metro to Utrecht and of course as long as my daddyís paying for me Iíll have a proper seat as well! Iím fully recouperated now and my conditionís better than ever, itís no skin of my nose to do 10 kilometres next to the bike. In short, after all these months weíre pretty familiar with the people and surroundings by now. In Zeeland life moves along a bit slower than Iím used to and thatís just the right thing for me now. I didnít ask for this holiday, I just let it all happen to me. Some events didnít make sense to me at all and it messed me up a bit. I bark, I drool, I snore but Iím donít ask for trouble, Iím too much of a dog for that. Hiding yourself from trouble is a human thing. I give a lot but I donít ask for much. Iíve been through a deep hole, not through excertion but through things I didnít understand. Sometimes I thought maybe it was me, but now I know whoís always there for me. As I am always there for him too! He understands me like no other person does. Mummy, sheís not interested in me anymore. Weíre in the proverbial doghouse. Isnít it funny, all these years I thought I had a special bond with her, well that was wrong! They donít teach you things like that in puppyclass. You can teach a dog any trick but the same doesnít go for people, they just donít learn. We both yelp and make a lot of noise but people yelp differently and more. People ask for attention in a different way than dogs do. When we dogs have a difference of opinion we solve matters instantly. If you donít take me for a walk on time you can deal with the mess, thatís what I think anyway!

Thereís a saying that in times of need you get to know who your friends are. Thatís not only true for people but for dogs as well, especially this year. Even a dog can be mistaken, maybe thatís why Iím always a bit reserved at the start. I donít consider you a friend that easily, I want some respect and in return youíll get some respect from me, and thatíll last untill the end of my life! Thatís how I feel. People youíve trusted all along just drop you like that and they donít even look back, even after theyíve looked after you for years. These people donít really know me, even if they think they do. I know them through and through and I will not be treated like some nobody. Abandoning an animal is another typically human thing, you donít see that in our world. When you love a dog, you donít abandon him, ever. A dog gives his loyalty forever, no matter what. I donít forget anything. I saw mummy a couple of months later, my big friend she called me, friend?! Excuse me? Did time stand still? Can I drool a bit here? She doesnít get what friends are about. A friend is there for you, no matter what, you donít treat them like dirt. I didnít treat you that way, did I? When I was in trouble you werenít there for me even though you knew how it was. Not my piece of cake! Last year I didnít exactly disappoint you when I managed my AD, you were so proud and a few months later you let me down, just like that. I had blisters on my paws I was working so hard so as not to fail you, and you know how sensitive I am.

Apparently that didnít make a blind bit of difference to you, you donít even look back... I donít forget anything, and now daddy and I have a bad reputation...

Said goodbye to all my friends in Zeeland and took my time too and then I left. Now I live near the place I used to live for 5 years. I see all the people I used to know, but still, itís different now. I see people who donít pay any attention to me anymore whereas they used to, a lot. Well tough! Says enough about them, doesnít it. Whereever a dogs pees, more do. Itís a dogís life, isnít it? This is my story for 2009, a turbulent year that counts as 7 heavy duty dog years. Some ups, many downs. Iíve learned a lot, lost alot of friends but gained some better ones as well. I donít ask for much: some love, attention, warmth, my dinner on time and a bit of exercise to rid myself of energy. Surely thatís not asking for much. Iím easy, Iím loyal as only dogs can be.

Sumo wishes all new and true friends the best for 2010. And for the ones that have forgotten me: oh well, you werenít good enough for me anyway!