2010 Story

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Hello, welcome!

First of all some information!
About my website: The video links on the homepage will be removed. Photo bucket and Adobe stopped their teamwork, so the remixes are no longer available. So sorry, but the photo albums will have to do.This website is also the one and only place where you can see me, sites like Twitter, Hyves, Facebook and message boards,well, you won't find me there any more. There is a 11 min video from me on Youtube, here is the link:


"Internet friends" don't add much to real life. It seems that there are people who use our pictures and info for really strange things, and we don't want that. Strange stories showed up on the Internet, but honestly, I am not abused, badly taken care of, or forced to live somewhere against my will and I don't do dogfights. All untrue and wrong. So, once a year my owner will tell my story from that year and add a new photo album. That'sit, I don't have to proof anything, I already done that. If you want to ask me something, you can send me an email. My owner also has no Tosa dog items for sale, you maybe can try E bay or Yahoo Japan to find some.

About my breed: In your search for a Tosa, try to get as much information about this breed as you can get. There is a lot of bad info on the Internet, so don't ask us what we think about a certain breeder or a certain litter. You have to do your own research. Nowadays it seems a dog can do a great performance from behind the computer, but real history isn't written nowadays for much dog breeds, except for the looks.A breed still can do anything, but doesn't have to show it any more,but that really doesn't add something to a dog breed. Only history dog breeds like Boerboel, Cane Corso, Ambull and Tosa write nowadays, is a great amount of medical failures and dying young. Most breed clubs and responsible associations (also abroad) have beena joke for the last couple of years and the only thing that counts is power, ego, making their own breeding rules and most important, making money. A dog show that has been a great success, is more important and is all that matters. A World Dog show, this year organised in Denmark,isn't a real World Dog show if some breeds are not welcome, it's a fake. You see breeds that are known for causing the most bite accidents, but I wasn't welcome.

That dog breeds are getting weaker and weaker, but that's not really important, but everyone seems to be o so dedicated to a breed.(ortheir own bank account?) What a breed has achieved, still can do, or maybe can achieve in the future, that really doesn't matter, cause everything is going so nice and easy. And it's been going this way for many years. Breeders pop out of nowhere and say they breed "the real and true breed" It's all so easy. Take a male, a female and all of a sudden you can call yourself a breeder and suddenly you are filled with knowledge.You really don't change anything. Add a website with some smooth looking Kanji signs with the same info that has been known for years,and you are ready to go and a real breed expert. Take some history of the breed and it looks that you have created the breed yourself. Yep, and if you have a very small kitchen at home, you are a real Gordon Ramsey.

There are some good cooks, like the Tosa House in Canada, with a great website and good info.If someone let her dogs pass the AD, before using them for a breeding program, that's a big difference in today's breeding world. It tells something about the dogs, their character, their health and the true intentions the breeder has. Funny, after all those years of Tosa breeding it took so long to let a dog do a simple endurance test. And also there are crappy cooks, that even can't boil an egg, but still say they own a really exclusive restaurant. So better check the menu before ordering a meal, there are a lot of various tastes. So if you are looking for a 60 kg spare-rib, you can also go to the mall at your street.(that's a 1200-1600 euro spare-rib) Good looking dogs don't mean that they are truly good and strong dogs, and nice stories,pretty pictures and promises and a nice cup of coffee at the breeders place won't ever keep a dog going on. Shit covered with strawberries and whipped cream will never be an exclusive dessert, it will alwaysbe simple shit. At the end you just flush it. And sure, puppies are areally adorable sight, but dogs won't be a puppy for long. Do your research, everyone wants to enjoy his dog for a long time. If you have the slightest doubt, don't do it. (that goes for every breed) Good luck with that.

Here is my story 2010
I have lived in my old hometown until the end of January, but I didn'tlike that. Some cities are not to friendly towards dogs. So I am glad that we haven't got to go there any more. Even my old home looks nothing more as a few bricks, some wood and some windows.Places where I could run free in the past, you have to be on a leash,so there isn't much freedom for a dog. Seems everything has changed a lot, I don't like it. One time I was unleashed, some kind of inspector tried to give us a ticket for 60euro. My owner said we don't live around here, so we didn't know that.He told the inspector that he could leash his dog for him, for that amount of money. The inspector looks at me and decides to give us a simple warning. Thank you, inspector CSI dog shit.All kinds of signs tell us that it's forbidden to let your dog run free, but those signs are also a good place to lift your leg and spray something against it. No, not for me, that city, there is no place to run any more.A while ago every dog could run free, but people only seem to commenton all kind of things nowadays.Everything has to live by strict rules, people and animals. Oh well,it's not my turf any more.I lost 5 kilo of my old weight because it all had a negative effect on me and finally we returned to the place where we always had a goodlife, in Zeeland.

Sea, beach, nature, fresh air and freedom. A lot of space where a dog can run free, and does't have to look over his shoulder constantly, if a crazy car driver or kid on a scooter can hit you. Maybe they should give those people some kind of inspection, instead of the dogs. The only thing that bothers me here sometimes is a sheep, a bird, a rabbit or a horse.People are far more socialised as the people in the city, everything here is calm and without stress.Here the people don't run on valium, multivitamins and sleeping pills to make it through the day. Everyone in the city lives in a tiny crowded place, all gasping for some space and fresh air, but in fact everyone is already drugged and stunned. In fact it's a great dogpound, but for humans. Everybody wants to go back to nature, but nobody actually wants to walk. People get used to that way of busy and stressed life and don't know how to escape it.So, if you walk slowly in the rain or run in the rain, in both ways you get wet.

Here is space and freedom all around, that's life. Everybody says hello and good morning instead of using a bad mouth. If a car honks atyou, it means hello, and not get out of my way. A fresh fish is really a fresh fish and fruit and vegetables you can buy at the farmer nearby. Maybe time stood still here for a couple of years, but it's really relaxed, life is simple and easy. Everyone respects humans and animals and doesn't get fucked up if things aren't going fast enough.Folks are more socialised and personal towards each other.Maybe it's the sea, it always has a relaxing effect on everybody. I really could settle here, you don't have to own much to feel rich.What you make of life yourself, that is what really counts.

OK, this year I became 6 years old. Nice age, I think. I had a long and strong winter with a great amount of snow. But it's also nice in the winter here, not only in the summer. A white carpet as far as I could see, nature looks almost a fairy tale if everything is covered with snow. Sometimes you could see a funny yellow spot in the snow,beats me how it got there. In April was the first time I took a swim in the sea, that's not so far away from where we live. In that period the weather isn't so bad, there aren't to much tourists, so I can explore the place and check everything out. And in the summer it's awesome to live nearby the sea. We found a hidden spot to swim, the only thing I meet there is a deer that wants to cool down and have a drink. I don't bother him, he doesn't bother me.Sometimes I just stand in the water and look around and enjoy the environment. It's always nice to be on the beach and see the sun come up or the sun go down. We walk miles together and sometimes after along swim, I just take a nap in the sand. Sometimes we stop to eat some fish and have a drink, which dog could ask for more?

People sometimes say, I wish my dog could talk, but if you have a good relationship with your owner, that's really not an issue. The more you talk, the more chance you say BS, so talking is more a human thing.I can really make it clear to my boss if I want or need something.If I have to go out in the middle of the night, I wake him up. Do we go to a place I really like, I can really look happy and show it. Do I meet people that I really like, I can smile and really look in love.If the boss is away to long, I really can cry and make funny sounds. I like to hug in all kinds of positions.Sometimes people think that I hear their conversations and I am thinking about what they said. Sorry, didn't go to that school, so I can fake also.I really can love people, as long we understand each other perfectly.So, I don't have to talk actually, but I do tell a lot of stories.Yesterday I was a dog, today I am a dog and tomorrow I will probably still be a dog.

I don't complain. All day long I am outside, eat different food everyday and twice a week I run 12 km next to the bike. I eat Runner meat,lamb, hart, fresh fish, boiled chicken, rice and a dry food mix, withsome eel fat or sheep fat. You don't eat the same yourself every day,huh? The sea air has a good effect on me, I am more relaxed and let people approach me more, I regained my trust and confidence. Seems I am getting my old mojo back.In July I had my check-up and my shots by the vet. My heart and lungs were in a perfect shape and everything else was good also. My weight was 65 kg and the vet called me a super dog in a top shape. She even complimented my owner for all the work he had done, after a lesser period last year. But we got out stronger then ever, we never quit and give up, we will always cross the finish line together, no matterwhat. And I still look really impressive, with no fat at all.

I have been living with my owner for some time now. You have to sail with the wind of today, the wind of yesterday doesn't get you forward and maybe tomorrow there will be no wind at all. Nicely said, huh? Where ever he goes, I go, I am never far away. What ever life may bring us, he won't let me down. A dog's life is already so short.People come and people go. First a puppy, and before you know it you are old and grey. Life goes on. What happens in between those two periods, it's up to humans. The only thing a dog can do, is follow and hope that people take their responsibility towards you and hope for the best. A dog knows what really matters. Some people don't, so that's why people always will be the craziest and most dangerous animals on the planet. If a dog does something wrong, we punish him,he accepts that and learns from that. If a human does something wrong,they blame others and everything else, except looking at themselves.A dog notices that, but we still stay the same.

A dog only wants someone who takes care of him, loves him and someonehe can trust. From a dogs point of view it looks pretty simple. He gives his trust and love to you and he only expects the same in return.Respect me and I will respect you.People really should read "the life of a dog" written by Alexandra Horowitz. It's not a book how to raise a dog, but it helps you to understand your dog. A dog really knows if someone is sad, sick,fake,unhappy, unsure or can't be trusted. Dogs really do know emotions and dreams, they have and own a big amount invisible qualities. A dog picks up more signals as people think, try observing him in certain situations, you will be amazed. Even a dog learns from experiences that happened in his life. Dogs recognize things from people by the way they behave, but there are exceptions. A dog is much more than a nice decoration for your house, 3 times a short walk around the block and every day the same stupid dryfood in front of their nose. I wonder how many people really can "read" their own dog. I am a smart dog, but I really don't understand everything.

Until next year

Sumo is a patience dog.
He keeps waiting for me.He waits while I go shopping and has to wait outside.
He waits at home, he warms the bed, the couch, the chair, the place atthe door, until I return.
He waits until I am finished doing things, before we go outside.
He waits until I move over, so he can lay beside me.He waits next to the bike, until he is certain he can go with me.
He waits until he hears the sound of his leash, so it's time to go for a walk.
He waits until I am finished talking with someone, and I can see thathe is hungry.
He waits until I realise where he wants to be hugged.
He waits with being happy until I come back.
He waits for me until I finally understand him.
Thanks for all the waiting, boy.