2011 Story

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Sumo in 2011.

Hello again! This year I am seven years old, but what a year it has been for me. I am sure that there is no Tosa worldwide, who was so often in the media like my own little person this year. First of all, we moved to Zierikzee in February, where we got a nice house near the center. And of course, moving also includes that you meet new people. Zierikzee is fun, especially in spring and summer, there is plenty to do. And there are also places where I can stroll around and do my favorite things. But how wellknown I really became, you can read further on in this story. And we have all the media attention placed in a link called "Sumo in the media". This year it is all a bit different, I also got to know a lot of children, they all want to pet me, because they all recognize me. Of course the boss and I walk a lot, we still regularly go to the beach or look for places where I can do my thing. We also visit the many famous places in Zierikzee, I always get attention, and occasionally get some cookies added stops. I really know where to find those places, and it's kind of a tradition to stop at people I really like. This is a place where I'm enjoying myself. My annual check by the vet was fine again, all was OK again. Still the same weight as ever. No problems at all.

It was also the intention, that I would go along with Aiko from Belgium for a litter breeding. Aiko actually was bred by Tosa House Canada and at that time still lived in Belgium. We have also met Suzanne Dyke of Tosa House this year, she was on a visit to Aiko and wanted to meet me also. We have agreed to meet in Goes, sat on a terrace and had delicious mussels. Suzanne I like, a person who has the heart in the right place for my race, I noticed that right away. Small girl, huge biceps! A dog notices that real fast. A good example how people should be for my breed. In the same period we also received contact from Japan TV Tokyo. My boss was approached if he happened to know Japanese people in Europe, which also had a Japanese dog. The intention was that a broadcast was made about how Japanese dogs live in Europe. Since I am also a Japanese breed, and I am still the first Tosa Inu that passed his AD, I was chosen to be filmed. I thought, hey, we'll see!

But in September, it all happened. The Japanese film crew was at our door. Well I was really not surprised by that , because the same day I was even filmed by TV Zealand and my boss even made it on the radio. So I was accustomed to those things. And regional newspapers also had a thing about me posted a few days before the Japanese arrived. I had a good relationship with the Japanese Nana, I do not understand what she all said to me, but I liked her. We walked in Zierikzee all day and it was actually quite a busy day. And in the city itself we also had a lot of attention. In the evening, the last recording took place and that's when I found it really enough. Goodbye to the Japanese crew and get on with my normal life. But not! How often it happens that one Tosa in Europe is filmed by Japanese TV? Only this time so. So that's something. But in November, we received the DVD of the broadcast, and we found it really hard to fall. Due to certain circumstances, there was considerable cut in the recordings and we found the results very disappointing. All that time and effort to make a nice footage and most parts were left out. And the Japanese translation wasn't right in the clip, I don't have a certificate as a policedog. Of course everyone knows you the next day, because everyone here has seen me on TV or in the newspaper. And then the dog magazines who also want to pay attention to that event, and obviously show breeders who want a piece of pie to my success because they didn't had that for many years. The whole event in the media is really not a promo for my breed and for showbreeders who onley think about themselves and their egos.

Due to circumstances at that time we were also asked if we wanted to take Aiko in our home. If not so, otherwise Aiko had to return to Canada. So on a Sunday, a car pulled in front and I went right out to meet with Aiko. If we could get along with each other, she could stay. I'm not difficult dog, so it clicked. So Aiko stayed with us. Nice, another dog in the house again. Every day we go for 2 to 3 hours to train on a pitch full of sand, where we can go totally crazy . So, next year there is a litter in our planning. Aiko's must first run her AD in April, but it will not be a problem for her. She starts her training in januari. It is a lady with a lot of drive and speed, and she is much faster than me. Even though she is still getting used to a very different life, different home, different food and a lot of workout.  No problem.  She will be fine. Aiko gets her own photo album link on the website so people can read all about her. There have been many people who have approached us already for a puppy so we do not have to advertise on Marketplace or related sales sites. Our puppies have a 4 x AD in the pedigrees, so that's a very good base and unique in this breed. My boss does it only once. And as I show again, for the umpteenth time, is that a show champion really does not matter.

So when the time comes, we will get the website updated interim. As for the situation of my variety, a Black and Tan Tosa does not meet the breed standard of a Tosa Inu. Because people introduce a black Tosa in Europe, does not mean that we can change a breed description. Tosa breeders think they can do it because it suits them and dogs must be sold so they can make money... They have been breeding showchamps according to the same breed standard for many years and all of a sudden we think Black and Tan is really great, just because it turned up the last few years by their own stupidity. But we are not in Japan, which the same breeders have been calling for many years!  It adds nothing to the breed again and so you are back to square one. Some people never learn.

Well, until next time again and take care of yourself!