2012 Story

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Sumo and Aiko's story 2012.

This time the dogs are both divided in their own story, so we begin with the adventures of Sumo.

This year I already turned eight years old, and also this year there was plenty to do. A hearty winter, although I do not really hate the snow. The weather does not bother me really. In winter, you go crazy in the snow, and in spring and summer we can enjoy the beach. A true dog's life. Had many spectators during the tourist market, especially when I work with Aiko beside the bike through the city. And of course, we were much visited by people who were interested in a puppy from me and Aiko, but we are sorry that did not work. Aiko and I behaved excellent and outstanding during those visits .. The advantage is that most puppy enthusiasts have the patience to wait for the next attempt in February 2013, so I will do my best. The annual check at the vet was good as usual, everything still functioned as it should do. Still a strong heart, still the weight of 67 kilo. With a view to a possible litter, I received a comprehensive blood test, also there were no visible marks, all was well.

Here are my results:
Ht = 46
Glucose: 6.09 mmol / l
Urea: 3.3mmol / l
Creat 111 umol / l
TP 67 g / L
ALT 20 U / l
ALKP 36 U / L

Conclusion: Ht is good, no anemia.
Glucose is good, no diabetes, Urea / creat is good, no kidney problem.
TP is good, no protein deficiency, ALT / ALKP fine, no liver problem

Only I had a problem with a cracked tooth, so I got an infection and after examination under anesthesia the vet removed the tooth. I have no problems with the rest of my teeth, the rest of my teeth still looks fine. Furthermore, regarding the place we live, it's a wonderful area for strolling around, the sand hills of last year are back again and we have found a great place by the sea, where you almost never see anyone. The fish was also of excellent quality this year. And it's nice to see that other Tosa's compete in AD/UV, it separates the strong from the weak.

Anyway, all you can see a bit of the story in the album 2012, and if in the meantime anything would change regarding the puppies, the website gets updated ofcourse. So I will keep you informed. Stay healthy and see you next time.


Aiko's story 2012.

Also for me it was an eventful year. I was in the beginning of 2012 in training for my UV / AD exam, but some problems with my pedigree was the reason I could not participate in the trial. Now it is our intention to do the test in September of this year. And in the meantime I will try to produce a litter with Sumo in februari. That would be unique in the history Tosa, a litter where 3 dogs achieved a UV / AD. Normally it would be 4 dogs , but I will certainly do the test a little later this year. Also my research at the vet was just fine, even the blood test showed no problems.
Here are my results:

Ht = 55
Glucose 5.63 mmol / l
Urea 4.5 mmol / l
Creat 120 umol / l
TP 65 g / L
ALT 20 U / l
ALKP 35 U / l

Conclusion: glusose is good, no diabetes, Urea / creat are fine, no kidney problem.
TP is good, not too short protein, ALT / ALKP fine, no liver problem.
Ht is good, no blood poverty.

So even my hips were checked through the PennHIP method, so for a 3 year old dog to establish a HD A result, is something we and my breeder can be proud of. Photos of Pennhip be seen in the gallery, as the results of my blood test.The best result a dog can have is 0,30, my result at the age of 33 months old was 0,35, so that is an excellent result. And because I am completely accustomed to my new environment, I do go out for walks most of the time unleashed. Me and Sumo sometimes walk next to the bike, both unleashed. And if I occasionally take a stuffed animal from the shelf inside the toy shop to give the creature a better examination, all people are laughing at me. Climbing the sand hills is still my favorite pastime, and if I see a rabbit in the field, I must nevertheless chase the animal for a while . It is quite nice that people who want a puppy from us, have the patience to wait for some more months and not have achieved a Tosa somewhere else. We will do our best in February. Also for me, stay healthy and hopefully see you all real soon.