Sumo 2013 Story

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Hello, welcome again!

This year I became 9 years old. And this year was divided in 2 parts. The first 5 months were normal as usual, we enjoyed the winter and the spring started very early. In April the weather was so nice, I had my first swim of this year. The water was still a bit cold, but I like to swim. And we met new friends these first few months. And the end of June I got really sick. It was really hot and I got a huge infection that started on my head. We had a lot of visits to the vet, he even shaved my cheek a few times. I really didn't enjoy that. I was on antibiotics and prednison for a few weeks, but the prednison only made me sicker. If I did eat or drank some water, a few minutes later I was throwing up in the garden. Blood research showed that my liver wasn't working as normal and I was really going downhill fast. My weight reduced from 64 kilo to 55 kilo in just a few weeks. Another test showed I suddenly was allergic to mites and mould. So we changed the living room, threw out all dust collectors like couch, curtains and carpet. And we changed my food into rice,fat fish, chicken and vegetables. The prednison made me so sick, while I was walking outside, a vain in my stomach bursted and I threw up a huge amount of blood. The infection was also on my shoulders and paws, so I could hardly walk. Aiko was also in heat, but I had other things on my mind, and the hot weather didn't help much either. On one of the o so many visits to the vet, the vet decide to put a drain in my cheek. That really hurt. We stopped the prednison, and after weeks of antibiotic shots, cleaning the wounds with water, shampoo and 3 times a scrub with Betadine, I was slowly recovering. It was a long and hard fight to recover from this. Slowly I regained my strength and my weight back. The people around me really didn't expect that I would recover from this, even I had my really did help that all of my life I had been kept in a good shape, so you will have more energy to fight such big infections. My album this year is split in two parts. The first part is as normal as usual, the second part shows some ugly pictures of how I looked a huge number of weeks. So, this year I would like to thank Bouke Romijn and his team from the clinic in Noordwelle for all the time and efforts they gave me to pull me through. Awesome team. And also my special thanks for the people around me that really care for me and love me. You didn't let me down.