Sumo 2014 Story

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Hello and welcome to my story of 2014.

This year I reached the age of 10, for my breed , the Tosa, that is a respectable age. But what you can read on the internet, that my breed has a life span of 12-14 years, that's a fairy tale.

The problem with my breed is, there are far to many Tosa breeders in Europe.

But all the organisations that represent the Tosa, really don't give a crap for this breed. As long as they have club matches and nice show results, then it's OK. A Tosa is a Tosa just as long as he looks like the dog on the breed standard. Now the organisations talk about how some breeds have changed and how they have looked in the past. But all those years those breeds went to shows, have been judged like champions and were really excellent specimens of the breed. That does't make much sense, the breeders and organisations changed the breeds themselves. If it's still allowed to breed with HD D dogs, then nothing has changed in 10 years. But if they can make money by doing things with dogs for their own benefit, it's OK I guess. It's a disrespect for dogs.

My year had its ups and downs. We made new friends, and some friends have gone. Again we made it to the newspapers, but I am used to that. I have been in the news enough, now it's time for Aiko to make the media. In the beginning of this year I stepped into a hole in the ground, so I hurt my leg.The vet thought it was broken, but the X ray showed nothing. After a few weeks I recovered. But my owner slows me down a bit, I am getting older. In a few months I will be 11 years old. Not many dogs of my breed can say that. We still do long walks every day, and sometimes I run next to the bike, but more relaxed. In all my years I have walked miles enough. Especially in the winter period, I am still at my best. The more rain, the more wind, the more I like it. And I still like the beach and swim in the ocean, even when the water temperature is not so high. When my owner doesn't look, I surely will take a dive in the water.This year 2 of my litter mates died of cancer, my brother Sjefke and my sister Tama. And Suzanne's Taro. We were shocked by that news. We did the J walk for them, we did that for friends that are gone, but not forgotten. You can read more about that in Aiko's story and see the articles in the media section and the 2014 photoalbum.

Stay healthy, please.