Aiko 2013 Story

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Hello and welcome!

This is my story of 2013, this year I became 4 years old. A lot has happened this year, good and bad things. The year started really well. We made some new friends and met some new dogs. Spring started real early, and in the beginning of April it was the first time we went to the beach. And we had a dogsitter in the house for a couple of days, and we were outside most of the day. She walked us very often and very far. I like the beach, you can find lots of things to play with. And we started training for the AD. It's fun to run next to the bike, In June, when the temperature was really high, it was time for me how to learn to swim. My owner walked me on the leash into the water, and let me circle around him. That was easy, you are safe on the leash and know when your feet touch the bottom again. It was a relaxed way to learn how to swim, so now I go in the water by myself. Then my friend Sumo got really sick and he needed a lot of attention. We still went to the beach sometimes, but it's not much fun if your friend doesn't want to fool around. What I did like, was that everyone slept with us in the livingroom. I like it when everybody is close. And the fresh fish, that Sumo had to eat, tasted really good. But we stopped training for the AD so the plans changed. At the end of that year, when Sumo was feeling better, we started training again. Mark my words, the story in 2014 will be amazing because of the things I am going to achieve.

So, hope to see you next year, stay in shape!