Aiko 2014 Story

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Hello again, this is my story of 2014.

A year where a lot has happened. Some good things, and some bad things.

This year was the first time for me that people could see me in the media. In February I joined the KC Zeeland, that's a dog club not far from my home, to see if they had something to do for me in sports or obedience.

We went to check the club a few times, it's a nice club, a lot of nice members and after the training you can fool around a bit with other dogs. They have some kind of agility, not in a professional way, but it's nice for dogs to do.

And if you are good in that type of sport, you can always go to a higher level, if the trainer thinks you can do that.

It's a shame the AD endurance test was cancelled, there were only 6 dogs competing, so the judge cancelled the test, because at least 10 dogs had to enter the exam. We will try again next year.

This year I turned 5 years old. The yearly visit at the vet was good, as always.

In September was the first time for me I made it in the media, together with Sumo. Each year there is a 15 km beach walk, called the J- walk. They try to raise money for good goals. This year it was for the KWF ( the cancer foundation) and Stichting hulphond ( they buy pups and train them to help disabled people), also called a service dog. The reason why we did that walk, is that cancer has a big influence in the lives of dogs, not only Tosa, but every breed.

But this year we had some bad news, some friends of ours died of cancer. A brother and sister of Sumo died, just reaching the age of 10. And our close friend Suzanne's very first Tosa Taro, my dad, also past away.

That beach run doesn't take the pain away, but small things hopefully do help. The weather was nice, it was a nice and steady walk near the ocean and through the sand. We did the 15 km, wearing pink J- walk t shirts, and we got a lot of attention from people. A lot of them took pictures, there were 2 articles in the newspaper, people talked about us on the radio, and after the J- walk even people we didn't know, bought us treats and dogfood. Everybody on the island knows who we are, and what we did. That was nice, there still are people who respect a dog, even when the dog does small things. I hope that in the future the J- walk isn't needed anymore and there will be a cure for cancer for people and dogs.

So, please take care, stay in shape and hope to see you next year.