Aiko 2015 Story

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Hello again, this is my story of 2015.

This year started really well, but the end of this year was really sad. I turned 6 years old, and I lost my best friend in September. All my years I have been free of any kind of medical problems. The only time I saw a vet, was for my yearly check up. And as always, everything turned out fine.

We did train a lot this year, we did long walks and almost every day I did 4 / 7 kilometers next to the bike. The last few weeks of the year, my boss biked with me when I was unleashed. Once in a while he changed the speed, so first the speed was 7 km an hour, and all of a sudden my owner biked faster, sometimes to 11 km an hour. That was a really good workout for me.

We had really hot days in the summer. Instead of biking, we went to the ocean and it was nice to stroll around the beach. We stopped training at the dog club, that wasnīt really our thing. We noticed that there are a lot of people who pick a big breed, but actually canīt handle the dog, no matter how many times they visit a training. Owning a big dog means that you have to be in control always.

Every morning we walk by a school. There are a lot of women there who have babies. They are getting used to the fact that I stick my nose in the baby car, to check if everything is alright. Amazing what laughing sounds babies can make when they see my big nose all of a sudden. I really like babies.

It took a long time for me to come into heat this year. But maybe that happened for a reason. In August things werenīt going well with Sumo. I knew he was getting older, but his medical problems and old age were the reason that we didnīt play anymore as we used to do. So it was for the best that my heat started in December. I am a totally different kind of dog as Sumo. I like sun, I love to lay in the grass and just enjoy the warmth. Rain, wind and storm arenīt really my cup of tea. But on my papers it really tells that I was born in Canada, a country not well known for its warmth and long summers. Holland has nice and long summers, and not a real hard and cold winter.

In September everything changed. I noticed that Sumo wasnīt doing really well. There was a mattress in the living room, where we all slept together. We always slept together in really strange positions, but we were always close. One morning Sumo and my owner left to visit the vet. I stayed at home, I already had said farewell to him. I knew what was going to happen. Life was going to chainge. After a few hours my owner came home with only Sumoīs collar and leash. I lost my best friend. We still slept on the mattress in the living room for a few days. On daily walks, I stopped at our favorite spots and turned back, to see if he was following. I searched in the house, in the neighbors yard, where we had spend so many hours, but he wasnīt there anymore.

The mattress has been removed of the living room. Sumo was the reason that I found a good home. If not for him, I donīt know what would have happened with me, what kind of home I would live right now. From the first moment we met, we got along really well. I know I found a good and warm house. An owner who understands me, takes care of me and would do anything for me. And you know how I know that? Sumo told me. And he knows.

In October we did a beachwalk for the Dutch foundation ( NKFD) that does research for cancer in animals, especially dogs. There are a lot of dogs that have died from cancer. Even dogs from really good friends have passed from that disease. So if there is a small chance to help the research, we will participate. It was a nice and relaxed beach walk. Beautiful weather and a nice track to walk. And we walked it carrying Sumo in our hearts.

Take care and stay healthy.