Sumo Story

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Hello, Welcome to Sumoís place.

  Let me introduce myself, I am Sumo, a Tosa born in March 2004 in Holland. My kennel name is Yangsarung and nowadays I have a height of 76 cm and a weight of 63 kilo. Instead of what my breed standard may say, I am not a guard/watchdog. Because I have an impressive look and can bark, doesnít mean that I am a guard dog. It takes me some time to get to know people, but when I trust you, I donít have any problems. The story that Tosaís donít drool, isnít my story. I can produce slobber with the best. I do have a problem with male dogs who have an attitude, but most female dogs I can get along with very well. Especially when they are in heat, I produce even more slobber. My favourite food is meat, chicken, rice and fish.

I am a dog with a lot of power, and a lot of energy. I like to work with my owners and because I am the very first Tosa who passed his Endurance test (AD), my owners thought it was time to give me my own website. Performance, thatís what made my breed the breed it is, a dog that has earned its name in history and what makes it so different from other dog breeds.

I went to a few shows, but thatís not my style. You have to wait all day for 10 minutes in a ring, walk a few meters and then a judge looks at you, and gives you a title. I even didnít get any exercise at all, and in fact I think "What we are actually doing here?". The judge has checked my teeth, grabbed my balls and I have to stand still while my owners nearly choke me with a collar, just to give me an impressive Tosa look. Why is that judge constantly looking at that small piece of paper, then looks at me. Is there a drawing of a Tosa on it so he can compare it with me?  Is it my picture he is holding? Then all of a sudden everyone makes noises and claps and in fact I havenít got a clue what I did that was so special, but it seems that I am a real Tosa now, and  I didnít get tired at all. Strange, I had to run a few meters and I have a title. And I donít like that shampoo smell thatís been entering my nose all day. Thatís it?

What about my health, drive and endurance, my working ability? Isnít that important anymore, because this show thing only makes me bored and sleepy. Where is the action so that I can show what I really can do, perform.

Others seem to think that their dog is so special all of a sudden, but what have we done actually? This so called 10 minutes in the show ring means that I am a good looking dog, with good hips and in perfect health? I am not physically tired, this whole day I didnít even breath heavy. Thatís too easy, please donít take me next time,  because it makes me feel that I am not a working dog. I feel so cheap. On the way home I am so bored that I fall a sleep. I am tired from doing absolutely nothing at all.

    Ah, this seems to be turning into a normal day. My owner has started training with me for the AD Endurance test. So I have to run next to a bike at a minimum speed of 12 kph. I have been running next to the bike lots of times, and I have to follow a strict training program to get me in better shape. The first week we did 3 km a day. Huh? Just warming up and the 3 km are already done. Oh well, if thatís the way it has to be done, so be it.

I am happy that the weeks after are far more my style of training. The distance has been increased to 5 and 7 km, and one or two days I donít have to run but can work out in the hills and sand pitch. Throwing with my homey Rottweiler is also fun. My boss is training me also through all kinds of traffic, and he invited some people next to the practice track that are trying to get attention by whistling and female dogs. But I have to be focused on my owner and the speed of the bike and I donít pay any attention on things that happen around me. I really like this biking and my shape and speed are really good.

Who ever said that a Tosa isnít a working breed? Okay, if a dog doesnít have to work, he canít fail any kind of test. Or pass. 20 km is a nice test, more breeds should do it, it separates the strong from the weak. But nowadays it seems that other dogs are tested and screened from behind  a computer. Strong words, much talk, but absolutely no performance at all.

The last weeks of the training itís all much easier, 7- 9 km are not so impressive to me anymore. I keep my own speed so I could do this test in the time limit. We are a nice team, my boss and me.

On the day of the test the weather is nice for me to run, itís raining and there is a strong wind, not too warm and not too cold. (You can see a video of the test in the video link) Strange that there are only German Shepherd dogs in this test. Normally I hate these dogs, but I have to behave or else the whole training was for nothing and the judge would let me fail the test. On the other hand, they have my respect also for doing this test. Respect, you donít see that much in the dog world anymore. The GSD has more speed than me, but itís not who finishes first, but to do the test in the time limit. We all passed the test, and the obedience test after wasnít too hard. So it took us 10 weeks of training and 10 euro for participating in the test and I did something where I had to use my strength, drive and endurance. And I donít feel bored and sleepy this time. Whatís actually the use of this test?

This is from the Schutzhund book;

"The endurance test shall provide evidence that the dog is able to perform physical exertion of a certain degree without afterwards manifesting substantial symptoms of fatigue. The required strain on the physical condition of the dog can only come from running exercises. This we know places increased demands on the inner organs, especially the heart and the lungs and likewise on the organs of movements themselves. It also tests other characteristics, such as vitality and toughness. The ability to endure must be regarded as evidence of physical health and the presence of desired characteristics.

Successful demonstration of this test will provide proof that the desired characteristics are present in a healthy body. Both sets of characteristics are prerequisites for a useful breeding program."

Wow! Now that is something, that is a performance! Finally I had some action and everyone is clapping their hands for me. And I feel good! And especially because I am the very first Tosa in the world to achieve this official title. That was totally something else from doing a show. We are still doing 3-6 km a day, just because I have this title, doesnít mean that I donít have to work anymore.  So to all the easy winning cheap FCI show title,  CAC-BOB Tosa champion dogs worldwide, with your HD A hips, who think they are so specialÖÖÖÖÖyou are not. You havenít proven anything all those years.

  I did......and I still  look good.